The past few years have seen an explosive increase of interest in everything Korean and Japanese. Luckily for us, it seems that the Korean and Japanese phenomenon, K-Wave and J-Wave, are here to stay in the UK!

With everything from culture, language, drama, dance and music, to amazing skincare, fashion and food, there are so many products and tastes to discover and fall in love with. However, it can be difficult to find people who share the same interests.

From this year we are also looking into exploring Taiwanese culture (Taiwan – the origin of bubble tea!) which might not be yet as well known as Japanese or Korean but surely has not less to offer. So whether you already are an enthusiast of this very unique country and its lovely people or simply would like to learn more about it we surely can help you!

For all of you who are interested in finding out more about Far East Asia, or finding fellow enthusiasts, you have come to the right place! Together we can share our experiences, meet natives and have fun whilst we explore the best these cultures have to offer.

See you soon // 안녕 // さようなら // 再見

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